And you, my darling, are coming along

And you, my darling, are coming along

Und du mein Schatz fahrst mit (Original Title)

Opera singer Maria Seydlitz just left her fiancée, because she had to choose between her man and her career after receiving a telegram from New York: A stranger wishes to hire her for work in a theatre at a high salary. Maria accepts the offer. Various songs are performed in the film, mostly by Marika Rokk.

1h 22min
April 22, 1938
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This is the eighth film of the very creative family tandem - director Georg Jacobi and Marika Reck, the always cheerful star of the German-Hungarian musical comedy.

The actress was twenty-four years old when starred in this film. Thanks to her professional dance and sports training, she independently, skillfully and without a stuntwoman, performed all the complex numbers of the show, including the main trick- “wheel walking”. In the thirties, Marika was incredibly popular. She achieved unprecedented success and became a major star in Germany. Marika participated in countless performances, concerts, films, tours, and radio recordings.

The ship shows a device that looks like a computer/fax machine (in 1937!!).

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