A Certain Mr. Gran

A Certain Mr. Gran

Ein gewisser Herr Gran (Original Title)

A turbulent adventure about secret agents: A certain Mr. Gran arrives at the Hotel Daniele in Venice. Of course, that's not his real name. He's a secret agent, whose mission is to recover stolen papers, also being chased after byCaptain Gordon, who works for the other side. Gordon is in love with Viola Dolleen, the immensely rich niece of a famous shipowner. With Viola's help, Gran is able to distract Gordon for three days and take his place in Rome, where he's to meet Chernikoff, an unscrupulous art dealer, who has the stolen papers and thinks, he's meeting Gordon. Meanwhile, Chernikoff's wife Bianca, a friend of Viola, secretly loves the painter Pietro, who's painted a portrait of her. Gran helps Bianca; steals back the stolen papers from Chernikoff and conquers the woman he loves.

1h 33min
August 15, 1933
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