A Man Gone Astray

A Man Gone Astray

Ein Mann auf Abwegen (Original Title)

The Swedish power industrialist Percy Petterson has disappeared without a trace. The journalist Nilsen even accuses him of escaping responsibility for his company insolvency. Patterson's daughter wants to prove his innocence by any means possible. Percy has gone into hiding as a waiter in an inn. Here he gets acquainted with the beautiful singer Lisaweta and…..

1h 25min
January 1, 1940
Admin comments

Excellent comedy. A lot of exquisite and subtle humor. Hans Albers is stellar. Hilde Weissner is gorgeous and is an epitome of the Arian ideal of beauty. There is a humorous scene in the film in which Albers hides his nakedness by walking around in a rain barrel “à la Diogenes”. Another scene shows the leading actress Hilde Weissner swimming naked with clearly visible bare breasts. That was groundbreaking for that time. Although, there was a clear body double in the scene of her diving in the water.

Also, I would like to point out to a clear anti-Jewish propaganda component. The main business antagonist and rival of Petterson is a greedy, “evil” Jew, Mayers. Mayers cares only about quick profit and is indifferent to the welfare of the employees vs the main protagonist Petterson who personifies the concept of a national-socialist industrialist who cares about the well being of his employees and makes long term investments in the company. The only other clearly negative character–Lisaweta’s embezzling manager, Mr. Strokosch also appears to be Jewish. So, here we see how the national-socialist propaganda employs tools, widely utilized by the Jewish Marxist Hollywood – using propaganda as a background in an otherwise innocent movie in order to push specific political agenda. For example, in the Jewish Marxists movies you almost always see some evil corporations in the background that cause only harm to everybody. Like in the movie “A man called Otto”.

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