A Man in the House

A Man in the House

DER HERR IM HAUS (Original Title)

The superintendent Sixtus Bader can do just about everything: He is able to make peace in the most difficult of family relationships; can take down cunning crooks; serves gentlemen bitter truth pills for dessert; and presents himself as a universal genius in solving all your worries and troubles.

1h 27min
December 19, 1940
Admin comments

This is an example of a good comedy with an unconventional plot and excellent acting. Hans Moser and Fritz Odemar are great to watch as always. It is also very interesting for a film from the early 40s that the dialogues are written in good everyday language (and not literary texts, which people do not talk in real life - this was the case with the most films of the 30s and very early 40s). Also, the characters behave naturally, humanly, have their own appeal, and are not just cardboard functions to advance the plot.

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