A Night in May

A Night in May

Eine Nacht im Mai (Original Title)

Young Inge Fleming lost her driver's license. Nevertheless, she drives anyhow, promptly has an accident, and flees the scene. Hoping to escape imprisonment, she takes a bus out of the city, where she meets and gets to know Willy Prinz. At the end of the bus journy, Inge runs into the very man, with whom she got into the accident ... and flees again. It just so happens, though, that this man, Waldemar, is Willy's friend. He has a young woman with him, although he is married. A number of confusing things happen, which, at their highpoint, has Willy and Inge heading off to Berlin once again. But when they arrive there, they are separated. Back at her father's and grandfather's Hotel, she is inconsolable. But on the night the hotel has a costume ball, she discovers Willy once more.

1h 28min
September 14, 1938
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