Across the Desert

Across the Desert

Durch die Wüste (Original Title)

On their way through the desert to the holy city El Azar, Kara ben Nemsi and Hadshi Halef Omar come upon the murdered remains of a victim of the criminal, Abu Seif. Kara ben Nemsi decides he's going to flush out the murderer. After escaping from his death in the Great Sea of Salt, he dresses up as a doctor and his reputation even reaches the ears of the rich Ibrahim Mamur, whose wife Senitza is very ill. But upon reaching Mamur's tent, Kara discovers that the rich Mamur is none other than the criminal Abu Seif, who stole Senitza from Halef's friend, Sheik Malek. Kara ben Nemsi, who apparently doesn't know how to mind his own business, leads Senitza away on a dangerous path back to Sheik Malek. However, ben Nemsi is attacked by Abu Seif on the sea and is only able to reach land and safety with much effort during a storm.

1h 28min
May 19, 1936
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