An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People

Ein Volksfeind (Original Title)

Dr. Stockmann discovers that the mineral spring in the spa is polluted by toxic waste. But the affair is hushed because the thriving economy of the resort is in danger. To silence him Stockmann is declared an enemy of the people.

1h 34min
January 1, 1937

Additional materials
The Enemy of the People, 1978

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The talented director Steinhof, an ardent supporter of Hitler and National Socialism, uses the Marxist Jews’ favorite trick. He made a political film under the guise of an adaptation of Ibsen's play. The film draws a clear parallel between Hitler and the main character, Dr. Stockman. The key episode of the film is 70 minutes into the film, when Dr. Stockman speaks at a meeting of city residents. In fact, it resembles Hitler's keynote speech. The main theses are corrupt elites, the need for sacrifice and struggle for the common good and truth, the stupid majority, the people are a herd of sheep who do not want to hear the truth, the role of the individual and the need to have a leader destined by providence and leading the people to the truth, etc. The brilliant Henrik Georg embodied the collective image of a leader and tribune, including the style and manners of Lenin, Trotsky and Hitler.

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