Andreas Schlueter

Andreas Schlueter

Andreas Schlüter (Original Title)

Historical drama portraying the life of German baroque architect Andreas Schlüter.

1h 45min
September 11, 1942
Admin comments

Heinrich George is stellar like always. The Swiss specialist publication Der Filmberaterpublished a detailed analysis: “Artist biographies are beginning to catch on. The great Rembrandt film is still fresh in our memories, we are already experiencing an artist's life again, this time it is a great sculptor from the Baroque period, told on the screen. The well-liked, well-loved Heinrich George plays the role of the 'German Michelangelo', Andreas Schlueter, with obvious enthusiasm. He fills literally every frame he appears in with his body and his voice so completely that all other performers pale in comparison to him. The film, which Herbert Maisch designed, is undoubtedly believable and leaves a strong artistic impression.

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