Annelie (Original Title)

Annelie was born on New Year's night, 1871 --- 15 minutes too late, for her parents had calculated that her birth would be on Midnight as the new year rang in. This 15 minute delay would turn out to be a matter of fate for the girl throughout the rest of her life. When she turned 16, she missed the horse-drawn train by 15 minutes: there was an accident and she stayed alive. Her appendix bursts and she is brought to the hospital ... but again, 15 minutes later than she should have been. She's saved; and in her delirium, she has a vision and sets out to now always be on time. She marries the doctor, who operated on her and she has three children. When the First World War breaks out, her husband and two sons must go to the front; Annelie becomes a Red Cross nurse.

1h 32min
September 9, 1941
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