April, April

April, April

April, April (Original Title)

Success has gone over the head of the rich noodle manufacturer, Julius Lampe. And to make matters worse, a prince has announced that he is interested in ordering Lampe's pasta products. Lampe's friend Finke has been annoyed by Julius' haughty attitude and wants to teach him a lesson: it's April 1st! Finke officially announces the prince's arrival, and everyone is going nuts getting everything in royal order. Even the newspapers are announcing the high visit. But Finke's admits to Lampe’s prospective son-in-law that this is a ruse. To save the manufacturer's reputation, the travelling salesman Muller is asked to impersonate a prince. But when a real prince shows up, he is thought to be an impersonator and is treated like scum.

1h 18min
June 4, 1935
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