Goodbye, Franziska

Goodbye, Franziska

Auf Wiedersehn Franziska (Original Title)

Michael and Franziska's relationship suffers from the separations brought on by his photojournalism. Only after Michael's colleague lay dying in his arms does he decide to go home, but is asked by Franziska to join the war: as a soldier.

After World War II, the Allied Forces banned the film from being shown in the German-occupied area because of its ending, which reminded the viewers to support the war effort. Director Käutner was eventually able to convince officials that the propaganda sequence was in no way a reflection of his political ideology and was added at request of Nazi censors. The remainder of the film was fairly apolitical, and, as such, it was brought back in circulation a few years later; the propaganda end sequence is not seen on current prints of the film]

1h 29min
July 28, 1941
Admin comments

Kaütner is a real filmmaker, and this is one of his best. The camera glides. It spies, it imposes, it keeps a respectful distance. As in the films of the true greats, objects take on so much meaning - almost a life of their own. Franziska is a really interesting character: an up-front, modern woman (she cuts right to the chase as far as spending the night is concerned) and a self-sacrificing perfect Nazi Frau - both at the same time. That first night is so-o-o sexy! The matching trench coats - so cool! The farewells at the train station - so epic. Beautiful! The women in the movie are very sexy.

The so-called propagandistic end sequence is included in this version of the movie. Just wondering why the Allied Forces, representing democracy, freedom of speech, and the 1st amendment, banned the film from being shown. I guess freedom has its limitations when it becomes dangerous to the liberal elites (especially Jewish liberal elites).

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