Ave Maria

Ave Maria

Ave Maria (Original Title)

Since the death of his fiancee, Maria, the famous tenor, Tino Dossi has shown up at her grave on every anniversary of her death and sang the "Ave Maria". When the singer Claudettte and her friend Michel discover this, they decide to take advantage of the rich Dossi. Claudette manages to hang around the cemetery on the day Tino shows up and pretends to faint. Tino "revives" her and she says her name is Maria and that she's lost her fiancee. Dossi takes her to his villa in Italy and slowly, they become closer. Soon, Claudette regrets trying to take advantage of Dossi, who she in the meantime has begun to love. She writes a letter confessing to everything, but agrees nonetheless to marry him. Michel finds about this and tries to blackmail Claudette before she can send the letter off. When this fails, he tells Dossi everything. Dossi is deeply disappointed. Only when Claudette has a bad accident is it clear to him how much he loves her. In the hospital, he sings the "Ave Maria" to her.

1h 28min
August 21, 1936
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