Back Then

Back Then

Damals (Original Title)

The doctor, Vera Meiners, lives with her small daughter, Brigitte. Her former husband, Jan, left her after she met a former lover in a harmless meeting (Frank Douglas). Without the knowledge of the chief surgeon, Vera orders an operation to be performed and is thereafter fired. Penniless, she works in Spanish nightclubs in order to provide for herself and her child. After many years, she runs into her friend Frank again in one of these nightclubs. Frank informs her that he can make it possible for her to emigrate to South America. With the false papers of another doctor, who is a friend of hers and who is dying, she hopes to build a new career. But, instead, she ends up getting arrested. She is suspected of murdering her former friend Frank to keep her secret quiet. But then her former husband hears about the whole thing and soon the real story comes out. It was made at the Babelsberg Studio, by Universum Film AG, Germany's largest film company. It was Leander's final film of the Nazi era, as she returned to Sweden shortly afterwards. This was a blow for the German film industry, as she was the most popular and highest-paid star. Leander's next film was not for another seven years, when she made a comeback in Gabriela (1950).

1h 34min
November 7, 1943
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