Between two fires

Between two fires

Between two fires (Original Title)

"Better Dead Than Red"
A New documentary details the awful predicament that faced 153 Russian prisoners held at Fort Dix at the end of WW2. Known as "Operation Keelhaul"
Between Two Fires exposes how Russian anti-Communists were captured and held on American soil during W.W.II, only to be forcibly repatriated in an effort to placate Stalin-an egregious violation of the Geneva Convention Agreement. This film garnered a Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary in the 2002 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, a Bronze Oscar in the Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences' 27th Annual Student Academy Awards, a CINE Eagle, and first place in the Spindle Top Film Festival.

0h 50min
January 1, 2002

Admin comments

Another example that so-called American democracy is bs.

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