Bismarck (Original Title)

Although not at all loved by the Queen and Cabinet, Otto Graf von Bismarck is appointed by King Wilhelm I as a cabinet member on the advice of his War Minister Roon. Very quickly, Bismarck wins over the trust of the king, while the Cabinet rejects his advice and position more and more. Of all Bismarck's opponents, the professor of medicine and pacifist delegate Rudolf Virchow is his most critical. Finally, Bismarck disolves the Prussian Landtag and begins the reform of the Prussian army with the help of Roon. Bismarck enters Prussia into an alliance with Austria against Denmark. Soon, a war breaks about between Prussia and Denmark, in which Prussia's army emerges as victorious, no less in thanks to the strategy of Minister Moltke. Despite Bismarck's successes in Prussia's political scene, intrique and attacks against him take place from all sides of the governmental ministries and from the side of the Crown Prince Friedrich.

1h 58min
December 6, 1940
Admin comments

Another big-budget impressive masterpiece. Historically accurate vs. usual cheap Hollywood fabrications and agitprop promoted by liberal/marxist and/or semi-literate shtetl Jews. As always, the actors don’t act, they live their roles. Pay attention to the assassination attempt against Bismarck. The perpetrator was a socialist/terrorist (contemporary antifa/blm) Jew. Bismarck advocated Jewish rights and liberties in Germany and Europe. I guess this was a thank you note. Also, parliamentary debates are worth noting. The opposition reminds of the present-day progressive caucus in the US congress. Similarly treasonous and incompetent degenerates.

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