Clothes Make the Man

Clothes Make the Man

Kleider Machen Leute (Original Title)

The daydreaming tailor Wenzel is fired from his job, because the fancy frock he was supposed to cut for the mayor, he instead made for himself. He is allowed, however, to take the frock, which he appropriated for himself and he puts it on as he leaves the shop. A puppeteer picks him up in his coach and addresses Wenzel as "Count". So is he received in Goldach, where people think he is Count Stroganoff, the ambassador to the Czar of Russia. Although he tries to tell the truth, no one will listen to him and he is treated like a prince, wherever he goes. Then the Prince shows up, discovers what is going on and represents himself as Wenzel's servant ... and then the fun begins.

1h 31min
September 16, 1940
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