Kameraden unterm Edelweiss (Original Title)

This rare documentary was filmed with the participation and personal camera of Wolfgang Gorther, a German military cinematographer of the 1st mining division, who participated in the legendary ascent of Elbrus on the night of August 21, 1942. The film did not appear on German screens during the war due to "loss of political necessity" as a result of the loss of military initiative following a series of major defeats on the fronts. Later, from existing and re-voiced material, it was re-created as a documentary about German and Austrian mountain shooters. You will see: - mountain shooters' march into Mittenwald in 1939; - footage of the pre-war international winter sports week in the mountains of Upper Bavaria in the winter of 1940-1941; - invasion of the territory of the Soviet Union and hostilities: Ukraine, Vinnica, Stalin, Dnieper-Rokovy, Zakoporye Kuban, Tirda, Caucasus; - fighting at 50 degrees below zero, military expedition into the world of ice and snow; - ascent of mountain arrows and subsequent hoisting of flags on the Elbrus at an altitude of 5,633 meters. The film's archival footage and commentary by the film's author, cameraman and director were used in the film's creation.

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