Giovanni de Medici: The Leader

Giovanni de Medici: The Leader

Condottieri (Original Title)

Condottieri is a 1937 Italian historical drama film directed by Luis Trenker and starring Trenker, Loris Gizzi and Laura Nucci. It portrays the life of Giovanni de' Medici, a celebrated condottiere of the sixteenth century. A separate German-language version was also made.

The film received 9.6 million lire of funding from the Italian government,[1] as part as a major drive by the Fascist authorities to develop the Italian film industry (which also involved the construction of the large Cinecittà complex in Rome). Along with Scipio Africanus, the film was an attempt to harness history to support the Fascist regime's current policies. Condottieri drew parallels between the dictator Benito Mussolini and the historical figure of de' Medici, portraying both as unifying Italy. The film's elaborate sets were designed by Virgilio Marchi and Erich Grave, while Herbert Ploberger produced the costumes.

It's Italy in the time of the Renaissance. The fortress of the Duke of Lombardy sits under heavy siege. When the Duke is killed in the heavy fighting, his wife Catarina flees with her son Giovanni in the mountains. But Giovanni is not going to let the story end with the loss of his mother's fortress. Another Trenker classic.

1h 28min
December 6, 1940
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