Covered Tracks

Covered Tracks

Verwehte Spuren (Original Title)

Seraphine Lawrence and her mother Madeleine travel from Canada to the World Expo in Paris in 1867. They're staying in different hotels and Seraphine's mother goes missing. But this is not a simple matter of a missing person: all traces of Madeleine's visit to Paris are expunged -- visa stamps have disappeared, too and the police aren't much help. Seraphine is beginning to question her sanity, wondering if her mother actually ever came with her. But then the police break their silence: Madeleine has died of the plague and the police want no panic at the Expo. The body was removed and all traces of her existence obliterated.

1h 21min
September 23, 1938
Admin comments

Another Veit Harlan,s masterpiece. Pay attention to the innovative/revolutionary scene when the mirror in Seraphine’s hotel room magically turns into a cinema screen in which Seraphine watches the evening she has spent with Dr. Morot. Having replayed her memories of. Dr. Morot in the mirror, Seraphine blows out several candles. One might also say that she blows out her mother’s life candles. Its an emotionally devastating moment. This scene was “borrowed” by Irving Pichel in “Tomorrow is forever”.

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