The Anthem of Leuthen

The Anthem of Leuthen

Der Choral von Leuthen (Original Title)

Otto Gebuhr once again plays Frederick the Great in this war lavish war drama: In December 1757, the Prussian Army is forced to retreat from the overwhelmingly superior Austrian forces. During a lull in the fighting, Captain von Wustrow marries the Austrian noblewoman Charlotte von Mudrach at Castle Lissa. The pair don’t get to spend much time together, since von Wustrow is part of the Prussian force pulling back. Frederick the Great gathers his troops together for a daring counterattack, the result of which sees the Austrians pulling back this time. In the meantime, Charlotte von Mudrach is accused of treason because of her marriage to von Wustrol.

1h 31min
January 20, 1933
Admin comments

Actually, a very good historical film for the time (or anytime). Excellent crew, excellent actors, good script. Otto Gebuhr was perfect as the soldier King Frederick II in appearance and he acted the part very convincingly. Hollywood might well consider making something similar about George Washington instead of the politically correct drivel and remakes of previous films they pump out today. No wonder why people are not going to the movies anymore!


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