Episode (Original Title)

Vienna, 1922. Due to a sudden financial tragedy, a young woman begins accepting checks from an older, rich gentleman for companionship in order for her to keep attending college. Their relationship is purely platonic, but eventually she begins a romance with the tutor of the older man’s sons who has a completely wrong impression as to the nature of her arrangement with his employer.

1h 45min
September 25, 1935
Additional materials
1940 remake "My Love Came Back"

Admin comments

Episode is distinguished above all by a particularly elegant staging. At the same time, a stylistic grace that proves to be perfectly in line with a gentle but courageous story.

This movie also raises very important social issues such as poverty, the conditions of women and their role within society.

Compare and contrast with its 1940 American remake “My Love Came Back” courtesy of Jack Warner (Jacob Wonskolaser). While the remake’s production values are pretty decent (thanks to Curtis Bernhardt), the plot is completely emasculated. The whole social component of the original is gone. That underlines the difference between the primitive shtetel Hollywood and German/Austrian movie industry.

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