Eroica (Original Title)

"Eroica" is an Austrian film from 1949 that illustrates the life and work of composer Ludwig von Beethoven.

Admin comments

Even though this movie was made after the war, I have released it on my platform because it is a national- socialist movie in its essence. I believe it is a sort of sequence to the 1942 Rembrandt. Very thoughtful and philosophically deep dialogs about genius’s fate and destiny. The main idea of this movie correlates to the main theme in all national-socialist movies that the genius belongs on a different scale than ordinary people. Real genius belongs only to the art and cannot expect ordinary human joys and happiness.

The leading role being performed by Ewald Balser-one of the most distinguished actors of his day. Everything is excellent in this film – production values, the acting, the irresistibly beautiful ladies, the choice and composition of the musical illustrations and accompaniments.

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