Final Chord

Final Chord

Schlußakkord (Original Title)

Insurance fraud has forced Hanna and her husband to flee Germany. They find a new home in America; but the uncertainty of what awaited them in their new homeland led them to decide to leave their child behind in Germany. After the death of her husband, Hanna returns to Germany, firmly determined to find her abandoned child. She discovers, that he’s been taken in as a foster child by the well-off Garvenbergs. The conductor Garvenberg hopes to save his marriage through the child. But the couple’s fighting has not ceased with Peter’s appearance. Hanna manages to get a position as a nanny in Garvenberg’s home. No one suspects, who she really is.

1h 40min
September 9, 1936


Admin comments

"The constructive editing of the fateful musical broadcast at the beginning of the film – visually traversing the ocean to an air-view of Berlin’s stately classical architecture before backtracking to the UFA-created skyline-backdrop and model-cityscape – is but one, early instance of how the musical and the emotional connect in The Final Chord to the thematic and visual. Music creates these connections, and that two figures unknown to each other on opposite sides of the ocean – a dying woman, disgraced mother, troubled husband, and talented symphony orchestra conductor – should find their subsequent destines intertwined – in terms of a dead husband, an abandoned child, and a selfish wife – suggests that everything one couldn’t believe in life can be made believable, and even fulfilled, by art. In other words: the very aim of aspirational melodrama." Zekefilm

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