Five Millions Seek an Heir

Five Millions Seek an Heir

5 Millionen suchen einen Erben (Original Title)

The vacuum cleaner salesman Peter Pitt has a rich American uncle -- or should we say "had" -- who has left $5,000,000 to Peter in his will, but only if he is happily married (as if there is such a thing after the first year). Otherwise, the money will go to Peter's Scottish cousin, Patrick. As the will's executor, Mr. Blubberbloom has arrived in Europe to determine whether Peter is happy with his wife. The sly Blubberboom brings Peter to New York without his wife and wishes to present one of the pretty local women as Peter's wife. Unfortunately, Peter's cousin Patrick, who is almost a dead ringer for Peter, wants the money, too. He shows up at Peter's place and convinces Hix to travel with him to New York.

1h 25min
April 1, 1938
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