Fridericus (Original Title)

And yet another film about Frederick the Great, this time from 1936. It is the beginning of the 1760s and Prussia is in the middle of the Seven Year's War. The Prussian army has suffered horrible losses before the combined French, Austrian and Russian enemies; Friedrich himself barely escapes becoming a prisoner of the Austrians in Brandenburg. Thankfully, with the help of General Zieten's Hussaren and lots of willpower, Friedrich manages to rip Berlin out of the Russians' grasp and win the war. In some ways similar to the film Der Grosse Konig -- which we also sell -- made four years later (and, in fact, the last scene of the later film is uncannily similar to the ending of this film), this film doesn't quite pull it off as well as its follower, but is entertaining, nonetheless.

Admin comments

The scenes between Frederick and the excellent Bernhard Minetti as von Wallis are superb and there are effective cameos by Lil Dagover as Madame de Pompadour, Kathe Haak as Maria Theresa and Agnes Strauss as the Czarina. Cinematography is done by the great Bruno Mondi. The musical score done by Marc Roland is splendid. The actor playing Frederick is excellent. Especially when compared with the cartoonish portrayal of Admiral Nelson in the Hollywood movie.

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