Gasparone (Original Title)

Gasparone was one of several George Jacoby-directed movies designed to promote the film career of musical-comedy star Maria Rokk. Although the casting of Fraulein Rokk was at first opposed by German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, he eventually and mysteriously relented, though it certainly wouldn't be the last time that movie casting decisions would be made by the mercurial Goebbels. The story concerns a nationwide manhunt for a robber and woman-abductor called "Gasparone". In fact, there is no such person: Gasparone has been invented to keep the cops busy whenever restauranteur Massacio (Oskar Sima) is receiving his latest shipment of contraband coffee. Helping Massacio pull off this subterfuge is his pretty niece Ita (Rokk). The plot thickens when a handsome stranger (Johanne Heesters) is accused of being the elusive Gasparone.

1h 28min
December 17, 1937
Admin comments

Brilliant and sparky musical / operetta, showcasing incomparable Marika Rökk, World’s best tap-dancer/ballet dancer/acrobat/singer. It’s extremely funny even by today's standards, well written, well directed, and well-acted. The musical numbers range from big production numbers to intimate outdoor renderings, and both Heesters and Rökk are top notch. None of the Soviet or Hollywood actresses come even close to Marika!

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