Gently My Songs Entreat

Gently My Songs Entreat

Leise flehen meine Lieder (Original Title)

The young composer Franz Schubert is forced to pawn his lute because of financial difficulties. Emmy, the pawnbroker’s daughter, is so moved by his modest and friendly demeanor, that she gives him more money for the instrument than she should. In the meantime, the court director Antonio Salieri – of Mozart fame – calls upon Schubert after hearing of his great talent. He encourages Schubert to perform at a soiree being given by the Countess Kinsky, who has been responsible for the launching of many careers of other successful artists. During the performance of his “Unfinished Symphony”, a number of possible endings to the piece suddenly come to him in the middle of his playing. When he begins to explore these endings right there during the performance, he is laughed at by the Countess Esterhazy. Schubert becomes furious and leaves the soiree.

1h 25min
September 20, 1933
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