Great Freedom No. 7

Great Freedom No. 7

Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7 (Original Title)

The former sailor, Hannes, is a solo-entertainer in the "Hippodrom" in Hamburg, which belongs to his love Anita and is located on the "Grosse Freiheit", a red-light district in the city. Shortly after a reunion party with three old acquaintances, Hannes has to visit his brother in the hospital, who is dying. His brother begs him on his death bed to seek out Gisa, a woman he once let get away, and marry her. Hannes finds her in southern Germany and returns to Hamburg with her, where they are to get married. On the night, on which he is to be engaged to her, Gisa comes home and informs Hannes that she has chosen someone else. Hannes understandably leaves Gisa and abandoning his real love Anita and the Hippodrom, returns to sea with his friends. Directed by Helmut Kaeutner in 1943/44, this film enjoyed enormous postwar popularity in both East and West Germany. Kaeutner makes stunning use of the new Agfacolor material, and Hamburg never looked more mystical. The film was shot on location and in Berlin, but after massive air raids on both cities, was completed in Prague. Goebbels didn't particularly like this film and forbade it to be shown in Greater Germany. Therefore, German audiences only got to see this movie after 1945. Hans Albers is brilliant, and for fans of his work, this movie is an absolute must. The movie also features a couple of good songs, sung by Hans Albers. "La Paloma" is probably the most remembered tune of this film.

1h 51min
February 5, 1944
Admin comments

Another Helmut Kaütner’s masterpiece. The main topic is a man in a mid-life crisis. Way ahead of its time. From directing to the script, from the acting to the Agfa color photography this is a brilliant film, with everyone involved giving the best of their talents. The magnificent dream sequence, where our main character is torn apart between his love for the sea and his love for a girl he has recently met, is a must see.

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