Hans Westmar

Hans Westmar

Hans Westmar (Original Title)

This film purports to show the story of a Nazi Storm Trooper named Horst Wessel--here called "Hans Westmar"--who took part in street brawls and assassinations in Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s against Communists and other opponents, and was killed by Communists not long before this film came out.

Admin comments

A masterpiece of propaganda. Based on a true story. This is gifted film-making of the highest order. Hans Westmar as well as Hans Steinhoff's Hitlerjunge Quex (also 1933) are accomplished works of cinematic art despite their propagandistic intent. Compare it to ridiculous and utterly laughable WWII Allied propaganda. Juden Bolshevik agitator in the movie reminds me of Sanders/Soros. I think that the most powerful moment is at the end of the movie when communists (including one of the main antagonists) and their sympathizers change their communist hand sign of proletarian solidarity to the Hitler Salute. Hitler thought that German workers were duped by Juden Bolsheviks and their ethnic German comrades like Stalin’s agent Ernst Thalmann. That was not far from the truth. Also, for almost 100 years Jewish lefties (Marxists) are spreading lies that Horst Wessel was a pimp and was killed in a gang dispute over a prostitute. To be objective, the vision of patriotism in some scenes in this movie is overly simplistic and primitive. It’s not unpatriotic to enjoy foreign music or international cuisine.

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