Magda (Original Title)

Also known by some as Magda, the woman of the same name, a daughter of a Colonel von Schwartze, returns from America back to her homeland as a famous opera singer, after having disappeared into the blue for a long time. She is to perform a leading soloist role in the St. Matthew Passion at the royal residence at Ilmingen. After so many years, she once again sees her father, whom she abandoned so many years before after a fight. The two reconcile. But that is not the end of Magda's problems back home.

1h 38min
December 30, 1937
Admin comments

In HEIMAT, the legendary Zarah Leander handles the portrayal of a woman who leads us all to a conclusion that is not so widespread these days: success and career do not necessarily coexist with inner peace and happiness. Heinrich George's portrayal of the father is worth being mentioned. The actor, who was highly underrated in his time, achieves something special. His role is not an easy one, he depicts a man deep in his own world-view, an authoritative but affectionate parent (he has his own premonitions - consider his memorable line he utters to his daughter "You have retained a good heart but there is something in your eyes I don't like"). And the older society ladies are delightful caricatures.

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