Heinz in the Moon

Heinz in the Moon

Heinz im mond (Original Title)

Aristides Nessel can be satisfied, that his porcelain factory's stocks are doing very well on the stock market. Nessel attributes this success to the prophecies of a fortune teller, on whose ramblings he relies much more than on the facts before his eyes. And one of those important facts is that his hardworking secretary, Anna Busch, is the one who's keeping the business running successfully. But since that's something the fortune teller hasn't revealed to him, Nessel sees neither this nor Anna's being in love with him. Instead, he's waiting to meet the fiancee the fortune teller's told him about; and it'll just happen to be the next woman he literally 'runs into'.

1h 22min
September 5, 1934
Admin comments

Another brilliant comedy. The story is so terrific, in some moments absurd, but in every minute funny. With fancy characters and sophisticated lines, this movie is a pure joy to view! One girl forced to kiss every guy walking along, the other one a modern "amazon", shooting around with arrows, described a new liberate form of sexuality which was not usual for this time.

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