Allotria (Original Title)

"Two friends, who end up in turmoil and amorous troubles thanks to promises, secrets and outright confusion. Although the plantation owner Philipp and his best friend, the race car driver David, have given their word never to fall in love with the same woman, this seems to be exactly what has happened. Instead of taking care of his girlfriend Amy, Philipp took an ocean cruise and promptly fell in love with Viola, but then renounced claiming her when he had the chance. Visiting his old friend, he mistakingly believes David has married Viola; and although David wants to tell him the truth that Gaby is his wife, it takes a long while for the truth to come out ... with the result that revenge soon takes the place of confusion.

Watching Willi Forst's wonderful, screwball comedy - released at the time of the Berlin Olympics in 1936 - it's almost possible to imagine a 1930s Germany, in which Nazism never happened. This is an elegant, fast-paced film drawing on some of the classiest comedy talent Germany had to offer at the time; and self-consciously modern, with its cocktails, ocean liners, racing car drivers and drop-dead art deco interiors. Anton Walbrook is suitably Errol Flynn-like as the handsome lady killer Phillip, while Heinz Ruehmann is, for once, overshadowed by his co-stars. It's the women who steal the show here, including the excellent Renate Mueller, who also starred in Viktor, Viktoria and habitually played modern, emancipated types. But the film belongs even more to Hilde Hildebrandt as the vampish Amy, who better than anyone else in this ensemble piece knows how to camp it up to the max when necessary. Joseph Goebbels remarked: ""Quite energetic and lively. But it's overdone and therefore not totally satisfying. Less would be more."

1h 34min
October 24, 1933
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