Immensee: A German Folksong

Immensee: A German Folksong

Immensee: ein deutsches Volkslied (Original Title)

Elisabeth’s great love is Reinhart, a budding musician. They spent a happy childhood together on the Immensee. And although he loves her, too, he leaves Immensee to take up his studies in Hamburg. For a long time, no one knows what’s become of him; until they meet once again at Immensee. Happy about this meeting, Elisabeth visits him in Hamburg. But she finds city life to be strange and confusing; and so, she returns back home disappointed. Finally, Erich, who has waited for her a long time, confesses to her, that he’s in love with her. When Eric’s father dies and he inherits the farm, he asks Elisabeth to marry him. When he eventually dies, Elisabeth stays loyal to him even in death. Now that the famous director Reinhart is ready to show her his affections, she’s not to be swayed.

1h 29min
December 8, 1943
Admin comments

Another gem directed by the great Veit Harlan. A melodramatic love story in a poetic romantism genre. Very well written top-quality film in every aspect. Especially stunning is color photography. Actors live through their roles: Kristina Söderbaum and Carl Raddatz give a magnificent performance. The cast and the director turn even small parts into acting masterpieces. Dialogs are very meaningful. I think that the main message of this film is that to love someone means to make a loved one happy even if one has to sacrifice his/her own love and happiness.

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