In the Red Hell

In the Red Hell

In der Roten Hölle (Original Title)

Across Europe, the emissaries of Bolshevism are at work. Now it is Spain’s turn. The outbreak of the nationalist uprising separates Alfredo from his fiancée, Carmen. She remains in Madrid, occupied by the Reds, who are holding out against Franco’s besieging troops. A year passes. Alfredo takes on secret missions across the front, entering Madrid disguised as a Red, to organize conspirators fighting Bolshevism. The Reds have executed thousands, destroyed property, and brought misery and imprisonment to many more. Carmen, living in the home of her loyal former servants, is now working in a locale frequented by the Republicans and their Red Commissars. She operates a secret radio transmitter, sending vital troop movement information to Franco’s forces. But Carmen and her comrades are betrayed and the radio is discovered. Carmen’s last words on air are to Alfredo, saying farewell. He hears her message, and distraught, leaps out of the trenches and is hit by enemy fire. Before dying, he encounters a mortally wounded Red militia solider, who dies with him on the battlefield. From one of Spain’s masters of cinema, Edgar Neville, the long–lost gripping suspense film about heroism, self–sacrifice, duty to one’s country, and to a cause far greater than one’s own life.

1h 36min
December 23, 1942
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