Young Eagles

Young Eagles

Junge Adler (Original Title)

Director Brakke has good reason to be happy: he has just received the news that his son, Theo, won first place in the local boat race. To be sure, he had forbidden his son to take part in the competition, because the son's grades in school are substandard. In the end, Brakke sees no other way than to pull Theo from school and install him as an apprentice in his airplane manufacturing plant. Although Theo is received by the other 150 apprentices in a friendly fashion, he behaves in an arrogant and disrespectful tone towards them. He feels himself to be better than them, because his father is the director of the factory.

1h 42min
May 24, 1944
Admin comments

A very good educational movie for teenagers. It resembles Soviet films - the same glorification of labor and the communal and criticism of individualism. The national -socialist goal of classless society is indirectly touched upon - everyone is equal and one family, regardless of social status. Theo was not promoted to the next year due to poor academic performance despite his father's clout and status. One of the apprentices plays a violin – resembles a character usually reserved in the soviet movies for a Jewish boy. He even looks a bit like a Jew.

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