Just Once a Great Lady

Just Once a Great Lady

Einmal Eine Grosse Dame Sein (Original Title)

Kitty Holm is a little secretary in a car shop in Berlin and dreams of becoming a grand dame one day. One day, she's told to drive a car to Sophienbad for Ria, the daughter of a rich cotton merchant. On the way, she gets to know Baron Heinz von Wolfenstein, who thinks Kitty's a rich countess. At first, Kitty gets a blast out of playing the fine lady; but when the tiny swindle blows up in her face, she returns to Berlin ashamed. In the meantime, Ria has become engaged to Heinz' brother, Wolf. When Kitty finds out that Ria is going to marry Baron von Wolfenstein, she believes the said baron is Heinz and she is deeply saddened. But then everything is cleared up: Ria marries Wolf; Kitty gets Heinz; and finally, she becomes a grand dame for real.

1h 30min
February 10, 1934
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