Kautschuk (Original Title)

1876. The Englishman Henry Wickham is onboard the boat "Wellington"; his goal is to reach Brazil. Once there, he wants to smuggle rubber tree seeds to England, so as to break the Brazilian monopoly on the trade of the plant. It's a dangerous mission and if he's caught, it will mean the death sentence.

1h 44min
November 1, 1938
Admin comments

An excellent adventure film not only for its time - but it can also compete with modern movies of its genre. This film is exceptionally good for its exotic material and excellent production values. The movie also raises a serious question about the moral choice made by the main characters, who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country. A remarkable aspect of the film is the positive portrayal of both sides, the Brazilians and the British, without prejudice towards either side.

I would like to draw attention to the episodes of the festivities of the plantation workers of Don Alonzo and the social reception of the local and English aristocracy. They are on different levels of civilizational development. Without saying a word, the black actor brilliantly plays Othello. Through his facial expressions, the actor expresses a whole range of emotions, progressing from aggravation to jealousy and ending up fighting and stabbing a rival. The acting of a black actor, the object of his desire, also deserves attention. Her feelings, a sense of the joy of life, carelessness, are also conveyed without a single word by dance and facial expressions. Then, look at the social event. Don't miss Don Alonzo's look at his fiancée chatting with a potential rival. His eyes reflect jealousy and everything that he has in mind - his desire and determination to physically eliminate the opponent and do it in a rather insidious way. The director shows that in many life situations, the motivation and sinister behavior of people are similar and do not depend on their social affiliation. Compare this movie to the wretched 1949 Hollywood remake “Amazon Adventure” (if you can find it).

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