Kolberg (Original Title)

Germany's answer to the American spectacular, Gone with the Wind, this film took over two years to make. No expense was spared in the attempt to make this movie as much an historical blockbuster as its American counterpart: thousands of troops, tons of explosives, and whole artillery units were filmed as extras in this drama, in which even 100 railway wagons of salt were imported to be used as snowflakes during the winter scenes. The film tells the story of a Pomeranian town subjected to the brutal attack of Napoleon's troops in his bid to conquer all of Prussia. (The movie was filmed on location in Kolberg).

1h 51min
August 25, 1945
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Admin comments

Yes, it’s a high-quality propaganda movie, but this film can be watched - and indeed enjoyed - as a work of art. It was one of the most remarkable films ever made, and surprisingly stands the test of time extremely well. On the practical level, one is continually astounded by the cast of thousands, both civil and military assembled for the grand set pieces, and the fact that they were dressed in accurate period costumes. HEINRICH GEORGE, who truly was one of the greatest Actors in Theatre and Film ever, was stunning in his role of the Bürgermeister of Kolberg. Veit Harlan’s impressive cinematography makes the movie look very modern, in fact the makers of "Kolberg" seem to have been ahead of their time.

Compare it to the cheap Jewish Hollywood productions. Supposedly Kolberg is a German response on 1943 American movie Bataan. I can’t imagine how one can even compare Kolberg to that cheap shtetl Hollywood swill. I have uploaded Bataan so a viewer can draw his/her own conclusion.

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