Lady Windermere’s Fan

Lady Windermere’s Fan

Lady Windermeres Fächer (Original Title)

Mrs. Erlynne, banished from London's high society, returns to Great Britain after living a number of years in exile in America. She desires to once more be part of the society she left behind. It isn't long before she's the talk -- and gossip -- of the town. Her daughter, Margaret Windermere, is happily married and doesn't recognize the mother, who abandoned her years before. Erlynne wants to reveal her identity to her long lost child, but Lord Windermere wants to spare his wife the truth, which ends up convincing Margaret, that Mrs. Erlynne is her husband's lover. When the situation comes to a head, Mrs. Erlynne gives up her newly recovered place in high society to protect the future of her daughter.

1h 35min
September 25, 1935
Admin comments

The film is characterized by polished, subtle and profound dialogues. The reviews at the time were full of praise for the masterly and careful language. There is a lot of sharp humor hidden in the film, which only becomes apparent through careful listening. There is a lot of play with the language and some things are ambiguous, leaving room for interpretation of social allusions. The cast is excellent.

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