Laughing Heirs

Laughing Heirs

Lachende Erben (Original Title)

Peter Frank is the dedicated head of advertising for the wine distributor "Bockelmann". He travels by express train to Assmannshausen and doesn't miss a single opportunity to impresse his fellow-travelers with his company's wines and champagnes, much to the annoyance of an acquaintance he made on the train, Gina. Nevertheless, she is interested in hiring Peter as the chief of advertising for her firm. When Peter arrives in Assmannshausen, he hears of the death of his boss, who had no interest in personal relationships and for whom everything to do with wine was paramount in his life. Therefore, his boss' family is shocked and very annoyed to learn that his trusted employee, Peter Frank, is to be the sole inheritor of his fortune. But there's a certain condition in the will, which Peter must fulfill to get his fortune; and that's where all the fun begins.

1h 16min
May 10, 1933
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