Life Begins in the Morning

Life Begins in the Morning

Morgen Beginnt Das Leben (Original Title)

After five years of imprisonment for manslaughter, Robert is set free. His wife Marie, who works as a waitress, wanted to pick him up at the prison, but ends up not missing him the morning of his release. While Marie looks for her husband all around the city, Robert shows up at their apartment. He is observed, however, by an unknown man in the stairwell, who apparently intends to visit Marie. Becoming mistrustful, Robert goes to a café. Memories of the deed, which landed him in prison come back to him: at the time, Marie was almost raped by her boss, but the assailant was instead strangled to death by Robert, who happened by chance to arrive during the act. When he leaves the café, Robert once again sees the man, whom he believes to be his wife’s lover. He tries to follow the man, but is hit by a car while doing so. Unhurt, Robert returns home. Marie is there waiting for him, desperate for any sign of life from her husband. Seeing him standing there, she is overjoyed. This spontaneous reaction of his wife convinces Robert, that Marie still loves him.

1h 29min
August 4, 1933
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