Linen From Ireland

Linen From Ireland

Leinen Aus Irland (Original Title)

A film about commercial interests with an anti-Semitic theme throughout. The Prague textile firm Libussa A.G. is building up its base of hegemony, in that it is secretly buying up all the local linen producing firms, which compete with it. Dr. Kuhn, the Jewish general secretary of the firm, mainly concerned with the expansion of his own power, brings Lilly, the daughter of the firm's president, together with Franz, a secretary in the Department of Commerce, who, in exchange, has promised to allow the firm to import linen duty free from Ireland. Naturally, this will lead to the collapse of the local linen makers ... the firm's competition.

1h 33min
October 16, 1939
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Admin comments

"A very fine movie in which a stellar Siegfried Breuer depicts an unethical Jewish CEO. Unfortunately almost all American business leaders ( not just Jewish) place profits above all. National- Socialists counter this with their vision of capitalists and workers working for a common good together as one unit.There is nothing anti- British in this film. Excellent depiction of wasteful and do-nothing bureaucracies. The parallels to the present day are striking. National-Socialists realized and exposed the dangers of globalism to the working class back then. As to supposedly antisemitic portrayals of Jewish characters in this film, compare with Jewish stereotyping in American movies like ""American Pickle;” much worse than in German movies. I also think that the plot’s love story is very naive."

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