Love Must Be Understood

Love Must Be Understood

Liebe muss verstanden Sein (Original Title)

This movie has a lot of slapstick and puns. She's a secretary for an import business. Her boss, played by Max Gulstorf, has entrusted her with his money to put in the bank. After getting into an argument with someone on the street, she ends up getting to the bank after it closes. The wind blows the money away. Fortunately, passersby pick up most of it and give it to her. She runs back to her job only to find that her boss has gone home. She runs to her boss' home and his butler informs her that he's at a hotel. She takes a train to the city where the hotel is. She asks the clerk, whether her boss has shown up. Discovering that he's not going to show up until the next day and short on money, she sneaks into a hotel room to spend the night. And so on, and so on ... Lots of witty humor and slapstick a la Hal Roach.

1h 27min
August 4, 1933
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