Ludwig II – The Splendour and Suffering of a King

Ludwig II – The Splendour and Suffering of a King

Ludwig II: Glanz und Ende eines Königs (Original Title)

In the year 1864, Ludwig II ascended to the Bavarian throne. His people loved their radiant, young ruler, who wanted nothing more than to maintain peace for his country. Unfortunately, the first test of his political skills turned into a fiasco. His own ministers and advisers opposed the king's idealism, when he attempted to keep Bavaria out of the conflict between Prussia and Austria. After further disappointments, Ludwig left them to run the daily affairs of the kingdom and instead devoted his time and effort to art and culture. He summoned the musical genius Richard Wagner to Munich, whose unbridled spending and manipulation of the king led to scandal. Deeply injured, Ludwig is forced to expel him from Bavaria. Worse were the feelings between him and the Empress of Austria, Elisabeth (known as "Sissi"), which had to remain unfulfilled (especially since he was gay ... a point only hinted by this film").

1h 55min
January 14, 1955
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