ME-262 (Original Title)

This historic film footage was actually employed by the Luftwaffe to initiate their ace pilots to the Messerschmitt ME-262 jet fighter. While some cuts from this film may have been previously seen, it is believed that this entire uncut version has not been viewed since April 1945 at the Lechfeld Luffwaffe 262 training base in Germany. Using actual Luftwaffe pilots and ground crew, the film briefs the student pilot on the 262's flight controls and instrumentation. Addressed in particular is jet engine theory and operation with the aid of animated graphics. Watch spectacular wet starts of the turbines resulting in huge flames pouring from the engine's exhaust. Witness incredible air to air footage and high speed fly-pasts. Experience your first solo flight in the legendary ME-262 exactly as the new pilots of that era did. Learn how to start the turbines, inject fuel and ignite it. Understand your jet's revolution thresholds, landing gear and electrical systems. By the time you finish watching this rare piece of real history, you'll feel qualified enough for your first solo flight in the machine. This ME-262 pilot check-out film is narrated by Luftwaffe jet ace Oberleutnant Franz Stigler of JV44 the mythical Galland Circus and of JG-27 of North Afrika fame. Over the course of the hostilities, Stigler flew over 500 combat missions, was shot down 17 times, had 28 confirmed kills to his credit including 11 four engine bombers plus over 30 other probable.

0h 51min
January 1, 2001
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