Melusine (Original Title)

In the wake of a car accident Nora saves Stefan's life, and they fall in love but lose touch during his convalescence. Stefan searches for her, meets and is infatuated with feisty young Christine who happens to be Nora's daughter.

1h 30min
January 1, 1945
Admin comments

It's a dramatic romance, a mother- and love-novel (as Alfred Bauer puts it) set in St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut am Wolfgangsee, with lots of beautiful shots of the lake surrounded by the Alpes, around and in which the action takes place. The plot is a web of sacrifices and mutual dues that happen to the protagonists and entrap them in a situation, which eventually seems impossible to manage. ""Auch der schönste Traum hat ein bitteres Ende und was bleibt ist nur die Erinnerung"" (Even the sweetest dream comes with a bitter awakening and in the end only memories are left) is one of the main messages in this movie. I think that Siegfried Breuer is miscast in his title role. Almost entirely accompanied by music, Olga Tschechowa, Siegfried Breuer, Angelika Hauff and Friedrich Domin are smiling through a romance-drama, so remote from war and devastation, that one must remind oneself of the actual circumstances the film was shot in.

Hans Steinhoff loves to philosophize in his films. Pay attention to the dialogue of the protagonist with the jeweler in the episode of buying an engagement ring at the 46th–49th minute.

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