Music Hall People

Music Hall People

Menschen vom Varieté (Original Title)

Friendship, love and jealousy among the stars of a vaudeville theatre: the trick shooter Jack Carey announces he’s taking on a new assistant --- Silvia, who once upon a time left her husband, the magician Keats, out of love for Jack. Keats is now the star of the show and has never gotten over the separation. And then there’s the young dance Gloria, who has the hots for Carey. All this emotional chaos is soon pushed into the background, when Carey’s attempt at a new pistol trick goes horribly wrong. Or was it an assassination?

1h 26min
April 14, 1939
Admin comments

A rare opportunity to see the gorgeous La Jana. Supposedly she was originally cast as Lola Lola in Blue Angel. Allegedly, Marlene Dietrich outmaneuvered La Jana through the intimate relationship with Joseph von Stemberg’s wife. It became Marlene Dietrich’s ticket to stardom. Who do you think Professor Unrat would give everything up for? Marlene Dietrich with her rough, unattractive features and the voice similar to scraping on metal or La Jana - epitome of female beauty?

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