Bel Ami

Bel Ami

Bel Ami (Original Title)

Shortly after being demobilized, Georges Duroy becomes aware of his power over women in the arms of Rachel, a young singer. Thanks to his good looks and his charming manners and his unabashed cynicism he will rapidly rise to the top by courtesy of women women (Mme Walter, Clotilde, Madeleine), from journalist to member of Parliament to cabinet minister. But it is also the fair sex that will cause his fall in the end.

1h 36min
April 13, 1933
Admin comments

The film is a real pleasure to watch - most notably for poor Lizzi Waldmueller, who was killed by shellfire towards the end of World War Two and who here sings the film's catchy theme 'You have luck with the girls, Bel Ami' surrounded by a bevy of cartwheeling can-can dancers. Good too (as always) is Hilde Hildebrandt as one of Duroy's society lovers. Willi Forst didn’t work for me as Georges. I don’t see him as a seducer and a conqueror of women hearts.

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