Nora (Original Title)

Nora, the charming wife of the bank director Dr. Helmer, always stands in the spotlight at private parties and public events. When the pawnbroker and arranger Brack shows up at Helmer's and demands that he be nominated as a candidate for the board, Helmer gives him the brush off, although Brack half threateningly refers to his acquaintanceship with Nora. Later on, it is revealed how he knows Nora: he knows that Nora once forged her father's signature on a debt note to get the money to send the sick Helmer on a vacation to recover his health.

1h 41min
February 28, 1949
Admin comments

A noteworthy adaptation of Ibsen's play. The play is interpreted from a slightly different perspective as opposed to the widely accepted perspective of Jewish Marxist oriented Western dramaturgy. According to the Marxist’s viewpoint the main theme of the play is emancipation. Here I believe the emphasis is on biblical values. Such as kindness, love, marital loyalty and self-sacrifice, repentance and forgiveness for mistakes and sins made in the past, etc.

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