Old Heart goes on the Journey

Old Heart goes on the Journey

Altes Herz Geht Auf Die Reise (Original Title)

The underage Rosemarie is still too young to run her inherited farm by herself, but she's more than aware that her foster father and the farm's administrator, the farmer Schlieker, is constantly skimming from the farm's finances to line his own pocket. To put an end to Schlieker's scheme, Rosemarie asks her godfather, Professor Kittgus, for help. But when Kittgus confronts Schlieker, the farmer not only proves to be unreasonable but also violent. Rosemarie brings the terrified Kittgus to a forest cabin, where she gets to know Dr. Wolters. While Schlieker intriques against Rosemarie and Kittgus, Rosemarie lovingly cares for the farmer's wife, who is pregnant. When Mrs. Schlieker drives into the city to visit the doctor, her husband returns to the house and thinks his wife has left him with Rosemarie's help. Enraged, he sets fire to Rosemarie's farm out of revenge.

1h 25min
October 12, 1938
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